Sean Bandawat, President
Deagan Williams, VP, Marketing
Ulises Espinoza, VP, Information Technology
Ryan Spillers, VP, Operations
Sharokina Warda, VP, Customer Support
Liam Tower, Plant Manager, Vermont
John Hess, Plant Manager, Indiana
J. Martin, Brand Strategist
Aaron DeCarlo, Lead Graphic Designer

Advisory Board

Rob Ukropina, Founder, Overnite Express
Clint Sallee, President, Fidelity Creditor Services
James Archer, Founder, Forty Agency
James G. Ellis, Dean, USC Marshall School of Business
Patrick Henry, Professor of Clinical Entrepreneurship, USC Marshall School of Business
Isaac Elyassoff, Vice President, Global Telecom Supply

We continually strive to build upon our leadership positions to create growth and productivity.